Glasgow Ice Centre is dedicated to creating opportunities for all ice sports communities.

Glasgow Ice Centre was founded as a charity on 3rd July 2020 with the objectives of seeking to improve the health, well-being and quality of life of the population, by introducing a wide range of leisure activities and ice rink sports, such as curling, hockey and skating.

There are currently no ice rinks at all in the biggest city in Scotland, which has a potential reach of more than a million.

Following the announcement of the closure of a dedicated curling facility just outside Glasgow in November 2019, a group of curlers started exploring options for building a new ice centre in Glasgow, and discovered that there were many other ice sports users who were also desperate for a great local facility.

GIC have active stakeholder groups for skating, ice hockey and curling while the Trustee group has representation from the skating and disability sectors. All of whom are committed to the health and wellbeing benefits of ice sports in the community

GIC Trustees have pledged to continue to support all ice sports communities across Scotland while continuing to lobby for a new rink in Glasgow

Glasgow Ice Centre is a registered SCIO (Scottish Charity Incorporated Organisation), charity number SC050260, is regulated by OSCR and has set out dedicated purposes for its work.