Glasgow Ice Centre in partnership with Scottish Curling and community user groups from skating and ice hockey have launched an offer to buy Ayr Ice Rink in a bid to save ice sports in the area.

The proposal sets out plans to keep the current rink at Limekiln Road in Ayr open and functional for five years while a new facility is built. The rink is home to 40 curling clubs of 550 members, 2 figure skating clubs and an ice hockey club catering to around 350 youngsters every week. The success of this bid would see a positive future for all these clubs and allow Ayr Ice Rink to continue to be a central hub for health and well being in the local community for years to come.

We are excited about the possibility of saving ice sports in Ayrshire, and allowing it’s large community of ice users to continue doing the activities that they love in their local area“, Chair of Glasgow Ice Centre, Alan Hannah said. “Whilst our name contains the word ‘Glasgow’, our charity was formed to act in the best interest of all ice sports nationwide. By making an offer for Ayr Ice Rink we are acting within the remit of our charitable aims, and I hope the offer is welcomed by the rink’s shareholders.”

Glasgow Ice Centre was founded as a charity in 2020 with the objective of improving the health of the public by encouraging and actively promoting public participation in Ice Rink Sports to improve the well-being and conditions of life for the community.

Alex Strachan, Chair of the Ayr Bruins Junior Ice Hockey club who has been campaigning to save the rink said: “I am delighted that Glasgow Ice Centre have offered to help in our mission to stop the closure of Ayr Ice Rink and maintain the future of all Ice Sports in Ayrshire. There’s now a real drive from the local ice hockey, curling and skating communities to ensure that everyone can have access to the facility. It’ll make a massive difference to the c350 young people in the Ayr Bruins Junior Club who consider the ice rink a second home and safe haven.” He went on to say “The intention and way forward is a viable and sound plan which will bring a new lease of life not only to the Ice Rink but the local community as a whole.

Leah McGowan (President Ayr Figure Skating Club) and Heather Black (Kyle Figure Skating Club) said “Figure Skating has a long and proud history in Ayr. We want to do everything we can to ensure figure skating can survive and thrive in Ayr and that this beautiful sport continues to be available for all the children, young people and adults that call Ayr Ice Rink home.

Vincent Bryson, CEO at Scottish Curling, added: “We’ve had extensive conversations with a variety of agencies over the past weeks and indeed months. We believe this collaboration with Glasgow Ice Centre, who are already a registered charity, is our best bid to keep Ayr Ice Rink open for the next few years and keep ice sports activities going.”

The constitution of Glasgow Ice Centre is available to view here on the website or via the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator here (search for registered charity SC050260).